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Thu 09.04 | 13.04

Hand disinfection - spray, gel or foam

Hand disinfection is a product that is available in several formats and packaging formats and thus also easy to adapt to different target groups. We can offer a number of alternatives, including spray and gel.


Spray disinfection is a popular product for those who want a product that is easy to take with them and use when on the go. It may be professionals in the industry where water supply is limited or private individuals who want a product in their handbag or inner pocket to use in everyday life.


The gel format is popular when it comes to disinfectant products. It can have a natural place on the sink or in venues where there is a need for easy and quick cleaning of hands.

Foaming spray

The foamy spray format is new and exciting and can give you a product that is more uncommon on the market, but with the same benefits as the classic disinfectant spray.

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