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Paragon Nordic develops products together with several of the major paint manufacturers in the Nordic countries. The product range is wide, from advanced product painting to temporary markings. There are eco-friendly waterborne systems and more traditional solvent-borne paints. Corrosion protection products is an important area where the products are suitable both for private consumers and industrial applications. With the ability to offer both colors filled as aerosols and filled in other packaging options we will find the right product for your brand!

We have long experience in the marker product area where we have products for timber marking, road marking, temporary labeling, product marking, parking marking, labeling in construction, water and sewage, telecommunications, etc. Repentance colors are also a popular product category that can be adapted to different purposes such as in industry to improve injuries after transport and for maintenance or service.

With a wide range of products including markers, paint colors and corrosion protection colors the possibilities are endless and together we will find the color solution that fits your consumers and users!

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