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Medical technology products

Medical technology

Tue 27.03 | 14.08

Medical devices

Paragon Nordic offers development and production of medical devices, mainly in the form of aerosols but also Bag-on-Valve system. We are also able to produce other types of packaging formats such as pump sprays, plastic bottles and lotion pumps. The production is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13485 and depending on changes in product classification, or special requirements of the customer it can be performed in clean rooms under ISO Class 8 or in the same facilities for the production of cosmetic products in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.

Medical devices can be varied endlessly. Through development and close cooperation with the customer our product developers produce various formulations and product suggestions. As part of the development of a new product we also offer to produce products that can be used for clinical evaluation and study. If the customer already has a formula or an approved registered product, we can help with scaling, validation and ultimately production.

Some examples of products we work with are:Dermatological products, Topical products, Nasal formulations, Proderm technology andTick freeze spray

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