Product development and contract manufacturing

On this page we describe the first part in the process of how we realize our clients product ideas, the product development. Do you want to read about the manufacturing part of the process directly? Click here!

Expectations and production specifications

Product idea

When you come to us you may have the beginning of a product idea or maybe you have come so far that you already have a finished product. When you meet your dedicated Key Accont Manager you will go through your ideas, plans and wishes. We discuss any questions you may have about the product development, legislation and regulations or perhaps the production process. If necessary you will also be able to meet specialists in these areas. We will together fill in a product specification where you summarize your products charachetristics, claims and of course what you don't want in the product. Already here we discuss your thoughts about the final product packaging. We do this so that we can develop a prototype that reflects and lives up to your expectations. Once we have documented your expectations and product ideas and you confirmed that we understood everything correctly, we will send the specification to our innovation and product development team!


One of our chemists takes your product specification and starts to create the formula for your unique product. Paragon Nordic has experienced product development experts within styling, haircare, personal care, sunscreen, household products, industry, carcare, pharma and food that can help you develop a product that meets your expectations and requierments. In the product development phase, we take into account the claims you specified in the product specification. Raw materials are chosen in accordance with your specifications and current regulations. We also take into account and monitor future regulations for raw materials to make the transition to new regulations as smooth as possible. Once your product has been created, a prototype will be sent to you for your feedback and approval.

Packaging & design

The content of a product is important but so is the packaging. Not only for design purposes but also for product performance. Together we will look at different types of packaging components, maybe in a meeting or we will look at different options in our packaging lab, CloudPack. Here you can experiment with shapes, materials and sizes together with experts to help you find an optimal package for your products function and appearance. You can then go home and develop your brand's unique design. We will be happy to advice and assist you in questions regarding for example legislation, printing areas and other questions that may arise.

Quality & Product Safety

Our management systems and certifications control the work we do in all parts of the company.  It is a systematic way of planning our work that focuses on the environment, quality and continuous improvement, but also high standards of hygiene, safety and product safety.

Our customers and the end consumer can always feel safe when using products developed and produced by us. We not only work in accordance with, but also exceed, the high demands placed on us from regulations, certifications and Läkemedelsverket regarding environment, health, raw materials and safety. When formulating your product, we thereby fulfill your visions by choosing raw materials that you and your consumers can feel safe about.

Environment and sustainability

Sustainability and the environment are key factors in the formulation of your product. Our product developers have knowledge and experience working with for example organic, vegan, gluten-free and natural raw materials, and also work with factors such as raw material safety in relation to the user and the environment when formulating your product. They also collaborate with environmental and regulatory experts to together find the best options for your product and early take on questions about, among others, registrations and certifications in the process.

Throughout the process of working with your product, we consider the product's environmental impact. We look further than raw materials and also take in factors such as production and packaging components in. Read more about our management systems and certifications here!


Product tests

During the development phase, a number of product tests are conducted to ensure the quality of your product, including testing that ensures that the product meets the demands you desire for your product. We also offer stability tests that ensure that the product maintains quality and function its expected lifetime.

Scaling up & production start

Once you have approved your prototype and placed an order on the product, the product developer will provide directions for the production in order to achieve an efficient scaling up process. The product developer is present at the first production, to ensure that the product-specific details that are required for your product to get its unique features are also correct on a larger scale.

Read more about the manufacturing process here!

A full service provider

Packaging options

Thanks to our long experience and our production facilities wide capacity, we can help you with the production of products in several different categories. Read more about some of these below!

Pressurized products/Aerosols

Paragon Nordic has expertise in pressurized products for a variety of industries such as personal care and styling, food, technology, medical technology, sun protection, industry and household. We work with a variety of different aerosols like traditional aerosols and bag-on-valve as well as different types of propellants. Some examples of propellants are:

  • Compressed air
  • Butan/propan
  • DME & Green DME
  • CO2
  • Nitrogen

We can therefore offer filling of pressurized products in a variety of packaging materials such as aluminum and tin cans and in different diameters and heights.


We fill tubes for personal care and styling products and will be happy to help you with different types of sizes in ml and diameter. Contact us and we will discuss how we can best assist you.

Plastic Bottles

Paragon Nordic fills products in plastic bottles in all of our product areas and we have, among other things, a completely new line for filling shampoo and conditioner. We are able to fill plastic bottles in sizes from about 25 to 1000 ml.

Trigger- & finger pumps

Trigger and finger pump sprays are product types available in several product areas, such as cleaning products, styling products and perfumes. We are able to fill both plastic and glass packaging, mainly in size 50-1000 ml depending on the type of packaging you wish.


Our line for jars and waxes was built in 2018 and can efficiently fill products such as waxes and creams.

Stick/Deostick & Roll on

We fill sticks, deo stick and roll-on to our customers, especially in personal care, hygiene and styling, but also within product areas such as household and sun products.


Airless packaging is usually used for skin or personal care/styling products. We can fill this type of packaging in several different sizes.

Jerricans, IBC and buckets

We will gladly help you fill jerricans, IBCs or buckets. Please contact us and we can see how we can help you!

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