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Our costumers

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Being a customer at Paragon Nordic

We are proud of our customers and that we have gained their confidence in being a part of realizing their product ideas. Following inspiring brands and people on their journey is an honor and what we love . Every customer and product is unique. From the biggest salon brands to the Nordic construction company and the innovative entrepreneur. We know that many in our industry choose to showcase the brands they work with to build trust. We hope we can gain trust by doing the opposite.

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Your brand's integrity in focus

In our communication, in our offices and where we display our services, we show product types from the market that represent the type of products we can and want to help our customers with. Both from our customers and other people on the market. We will not tell anyone that you are our customer. By doing so we hope we can show that you can trust that your secrets and product ideas are safe with us.

With that said, we would like to tell you about our customers in other ways! Click below to read about some anonymous customer cases and further down the page some of the things that make us extra proud!

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With the world as a starting point

Most of our customers have their headquarters in the Nordic countries, but far from everyone. We have customers with the Nordic region as home and home market, customers exporting to the United States and Asia and everything in between, as well as customers who have their head quarters abroad, who want a manufacturer closer to the European market. We know that we can deliver added value to these customers, both with our experience of the kind of issues we know they face, but also with our expertise in regulatory and environmental issues.

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We are proud that;

  • We have more than 300 customers within styling, industry, car care, households, pharma and food
  • Our customers' products are often referred to as best-in-test and are rewarded for their performance in newspapers across different expert panels.
  • Our customers' products have received several awards in terms of environment and sustainability
  • We have customers in more than 10 countries
  • We have been able to follow several companies in recent years that have gone from being start-ups to now having turnovers of several millions
  • We get to work with strong local, national and international brands
  • We get to work with several multinational companies and companies selling their products in several countries
  • More than 20 of our customers sell for more than 400 million sek annually
  • Ca 15 of our customers were nominated in one or more of the various Nordic Beauty Awards galas