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Paragon Nordic develops products with several of the major paint manufacturers in Scandinavia. The product register is broad, from advanced product painting and aftermarket paint to temporary markings. There are environmentally friendly water-based systems and more traditional solvent-based paints. With the option of both aerosol and traditional paint formats, there is every opportunity to find the right concept for your brand!


Some of the product concepts we work with in paint, markers, and coatings are:


  • Forest marking
  • Road and parking markings
  • Grass marking
  • Marking in construction, water, sewage
  • Marking in telecom
  • Marking colors for livestock

Coloring and surface coatings

  • Primers
  • Rust protection
  • Anti-corrosion and two-component solutions
  • Paint Color
  • Spray paint
  • Touch-up paint and aftermarket paint
  • Heat resistant paint


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