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Sun, Sport & Leisure

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Sun, Sport & Leisure

Sun, Sports & Leisure products for an active lifestyle!

Health and an active lifestyle is a growing sector. As people find their own way of building a healthy lifestyle, products that accompany and enhance the experience are a sought after. At Paragon Nordic we are experienced in developing and producing products that give the consumer a high value and enhance the consumer experience. Some examples of products that we can develop and produce for your brand are:

  • Clothing and shoe care
  • Styling and personal care
  • Deoderants
  • Suncare products 
  • Equipment enhancing products such as bicyle oils and ski products

We also work with products for pets and animals such as;

  • Schampoos
  • Shine products
  • Horse products

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Do you want to know more about sunscreen products and how they work? Check out our sunscreen guide here!

Quality and environmental care in all that we do

The environment and quality are important criteria in the choice of products. Therefore experts on environmental legislation, quality and purchasing are integrated in our teams. Together we not only ensure that your product meets applicable requirements and legislations but also try to exceed them. Read more about our services here!


Selftan products are growing rapidly in popularity as people become more and more aware of the risks of exposing themselves to the sun but still want to look lively and tanned. We help you develop and produce products for your brand in this category and can of course create products in different types of formats such as mousse, spray and lotion. Together we create the perfect product for your brand!


The awareness of the need to protect our skin from the sun is high. The protection should be easy to apply, provide effective protection and be longlasting. Consumers with sensitive skin also prefer if the protection has a caring effect. When using Paragon Nordic to develop and produce your suncare products you can choose to  use skin care base formulas that provide both protection against the sun and a nourishing effect for the skin.

Some of the product categories we work with are:

  • Sunscreen mousse
  • Sunscreen spray
  • Sunscreen as lotion/cream
  • Tanning products
  • After sun


Shoe & Leather care

Paragon Nordic develop and produce shoe and leather care products for our clients brands. Shoe and leather care products need to be up to date and require ongoing focus on innovation and environmental awareness. With both hygiene, functionality and performance in mind, we create products that meet your customers’ demands. Some examples of products are:

  • shoe colours
  • shoe shine
  • shoe deoderant
  • water proofing
  • stain removal
  • shoe stretch

Depending on customer preferences we select packaging materials to fit the product. Environmental factors are taken into account in each area and we can help with consultations so that your products meet the classification you prefer.

Clothing care

There is a variety of products in various application areas of textile and leather care. Paragon Nordic has many years of experience in finding the right products proven to provide the best results. Some examples of products are:

  • Water proofing
  • Ironing starch
  • Spot removal

Different materials require different formulations and there is a lot to choose from.

Environmental requirements are taken into account in each area and we can help with consultations so that your products receive the classification you wish.


Lubricants is a broad product category that can be used for many different purposes. Paragon Nordic works to develop the right product for your niche. It may be consumer products such universal sprays, or for sports and leisure but it can also be specialty products for the lubrication of complex machinery working under great pressure and in extreme environments. Customer needs determine the choice of ingredients and of course the choice of packaging and accessories.

Skin care

Our skin is our largest organ and worthy of high quality products. We have experience in developing and producing skin care products in a variety of packaging formats and for different parts of the body. Some examples are;

  • Skin lotions
  • Glitter lotions
  • Tan enhancing products
  • Self tanning products
  • Sun care products
  • Intimate care products
  • Skin oils



Deodorants are a staple part of our everyday routine and necessary for any active lifestyle. We can help you develop and produce deodorants using several different techniques, such as:

  • Scented deo sprays
  • Antiperspirant deo spray
  • Deo sticks
  • Roll-on

Personal Care & Hair care

When working with personal- and hair care products we not only focus on their purpose but also on the consumer experience. Caring, rebuilding, rehydrating, refreshening or perhaps color protecting?  We help you develop and manufacture products that both live up to your consumers expectations and enhance the user experience. 

Some examples of product concepts we work with are:

  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Shower foam
  • Hair treatments

The enviromnet and quality are always in focus when we develop and manufacture our clients products!


Our experience in hair care and styling gives you the ability to customize your offer to different audiences and develop your unique product just the way you want it. We have developed styling products for more than 40 years and have extensive development resources in this area. Furthermore, we are the largest CDMO partner in the Nordic countries that can offer you development and production of both aerosoles and other packaging formats. This way we can offer you help with our entire product range. The environment and quality are always in focus!

Some product categories we work with are: 

  • Hair sprays
  • Dry schampoos
  • Hair Mousse
  • Hair gel
  • Salt water spray
  • Hair wax


Many have problems with some kind of insects or vermins. Whether it be ants, flies, wasps or mosquitoes, there are solutions. We help you with filling registered products, and can develop and produce disinfectant sprays and  cleaning products.

There are special rules for the marketing of biocides and here we can help you so that everything goes right. This of course also applies for the labeling of these products. Depending on customer requirements, the product can be filled in an aerosol or pump bottle. The development and production also takes into account the environmental requirements of each area and we can help with consultations so that your products receive the classification you wish.

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