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Hello there! Åsa Johnson, Head of Quality, Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs


What does working with Quality at Paragon Nordic entail?

The Quality of a product or service refers to its ability to satisfy and preferably exceed customers' needs and expectations. Getting there is a joint effort for the entire company and all employees, driven by management and a dedicated Quality Team. Since Paragon Nordic is also a manufacturing business, much of our Quality work relates to production. Our team also detects deviations, handles complaints, and works actively with continuous improvements and projects in various areas. We work with cross-departmental processes and strive to show how vital the role of the individual and the group is for the entirety. 


What do Paragon Nordic's ISO certifications mean?

The certification itself is proof that we work with set requirements and continuous improvements in specific areas*, such as Quality and the environment. We're able to show that we meet customer and legal requirements in a more straightforward manner. We feel proud to display the work we put into these issues!


What's your background, and how did you become a Quality person?

I'm a trained chemist, but I've worked in several related areas before, which led me to pursue Quality.


What do you enjoy most about working with Quality?

No two days are the same, as you're constantly learning new areas and getting to know all parts of the company's work.


What are 3 traits that are great to have in your profession?

You should enjoy working with a range of topics, understand contexts, and get excited about improvements.



ISO 14001
Paragon Nordic's management system is certified under this environmental standard. Applying systematic environmental work brings several advantages: reduced use of resources and materials, less waste, increased proportion of renewable resources, increased ecological competence, and increased dialogue between the company and its surroundings. 

ISO 9001
This certification denotes that Paragon Nordic is committed to working according to eight important principles: leadership, customer focus, process-approached work, system-based approaches to management, employee engagement, fact-based decisions, mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, and continuous improvement. This certification is proof of our commitment to continuously improving operations to meet our customers' needs.

GMP Cosmetics/ISO 22716
GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. It is a system to ensure that production is done according to requirements and with good traceability. Paragon Nordic is at the forefront of the expanding European obligations for the cosmetics area and has been certified under ISO 22716, meeting the legal requirement of GMP for cosmetics. We also offer regulatory services in line with current legislation, such as product registrations, safety assessments, and Product Information Files.

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