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Paragon Nordic continues to invest in Sweden and Norway

To meet our customers' desire for Nordic product manufacturing and a market situation that requires focusing resources, Paragon Nordic's management team has decided to close the factory in Vilnius. The equipment will be moved before the end of the year to the facilities in Sweden and Norway to increase their capacity.

Paragon Nordic UAB was established in Vilnius in 2003 to manufacture cosmetic and chemical-technical products closer to the Baltic and Russian markets.

"Today's market combined with special administrative challenges makes it difficult to justify further investments in the Vilnius factory," says Lars Blak, CEO. "We are now working towards the best possible termination for the employees and a seamless transition for our customers."

"This is an investment forward and upward - and we see the future brightly. Our offer becomes more attractive as we intensify our work with care products. Also, having production closer to the majority of our customers is more sustainable," Lars Blak concludes.

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