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Bringing innovative disinfectants to your brand

The ongoing pandemic has challenged our society in many ways, but at the same time pushed us to transform and progress. Paragon Nordic’s accelerated development of disinfectant product for skin and surfaces has resulted in new and innovative formulation concepts – all of which can be adjusted to fit your product portfolio and customer needs. Bringing novel disinfectant formulas to market can profile your brand as current, enduring and contributing to the prevention of future epidemic outbreaks. 

Foam hand disinfectant

Unique EN1500-approved stable and light foam hand disinfectant with an optimized drying time that enables smooth application and prevents any running between fingers. The combination of aloe vera and pH 5,5-6,5 make it gentle on the skin. 
EN1500 (bact), EN13624 (yeast), EN13727 (bact), EN14476 (enveloped viruses, incl. coronaviruses), fulfills requirements for future BPR registration

Gel skin disinfectant

Gel format disinfectant containing two different kinds of moisturizing additives and a natural thickener with more stable properties than synthetic thickeners. The non-sticky formulation is easy to use and compatible with a variety of packaging alternatives, such as flip-top bottles, dispenser pumps and tubes. 
EN13624 (yeast), EN13727 (bact), EN14476 (enveloped viruses, incl. coronaviruses)

Aerosol surface disinfectant

Fast and easy-to-use aerosol spray surface disinfectant, generating an evenly distributed mist by a single button push. Different sizing options are available, catering to both frequent use in stores, salons, workplaces or homes and on-the-go surface disinfecting. 
EN13624 (yeast), EN13697 (bact+yeast), EN13727 (bacteria), EN14476 (enveloped viruses, incl. coronaviruses), fulfills requirements for future BPR registration

Pre and post concepts

In addition, we offer product concepts for cleansing and cleaning, as well as for caring for skin that is subjected to regular washing and disinfecting. 


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