Aerosols with propellant and Bag-on-valve

Pressurized product formats

Aerosols: when you have high demands for product performance

Paragon Nordic is Sweden's largest aerosol manufacturer with unique expertise in pressurized products in the Scandinavian market. You can develop and produce aerosols in all our product areas with us.

Together with our product developers and packaging specialists, you choose your container material, most often tinplate or aluminum, and the diameter and height of your product to suit your formulation and end user and match your brand's other products. We have experience in traditional aerosols, where the product's contents are mixed with propellant gas, and the newer Bag-on-Valve format, which keeps the gas separated from the ingredients.

Aerosols can be made as, for example, sprays, mousses, foams, or gels.


Smooth, hygienic and durable

An aerosol has many advantages, such as being easy and practical to dose and use. A smaller product amount is required than with many other packaging options to achieve the desired effect.

A pressurized container is also completely sealed, avoiding any leakage. It also prevents contamination and maintains hygiene, as bacteria and dirt cannot enter the product. Therefore, no preservative is needed. The long-lasting characteristic of an aerosol means that you can use the product until it is empty, which minimizes waste.

Additional environmental benefits exist when it comes to aerosols, such as the container being completely recyclable. Also, when the packaging equals the application tool, no brushes, sponges, rags, liquids for cleaning materials, etc., are needed.

Propellant aerosols

The most common type of aerosol contains propellant gas, which carries the product's contents out of the container when the valve opens by pushing the button. After freon was banned in Sweden in 1979, propellants used in aerosols are not harmful to the ozone layer. Some examples of propellants are:

  • Compressed air
  • Butane/propane
  • DME
  • CO2
  • Nitrogen

Within Paragon Nordic, we have also invested in the environment and sustainability by offering Green Propellant with lower carbon dioxide emissions.



The Bag-on-valve (BOV) format has recently seen a major boost and works for many different product concepts, from shower gels to facial mists. Bag-on-valve is suitable for those who want the benefits of aerosol packaging but where the product, instead of blended with traditional propellant gas, is pressurized with compressed air or nitrogen gas separate from the product's other ingredients